The Cost of Illegal Streaming

Anime Obscura tries not to duplicate / reblog content for the most part, but I thought this was too well-researched (and important!) not to share. We all know that illegal torrenting costs the anime industry a lot of money, but how much are we talking about, exactly? Jenbae over at GoBoiano crunched the numbers to find out.

While the number is difficult to pin down exactly, it’s something to the tune of $33 million per year (by the most conservative estimate) and may reach as high as $132 million per year. That’s a staggering amount of money that will never go toward making second seasons of your favorite series or improving the quality of existing ones. If you want to support the anime industry — and I mean helping it continue to exist, not creating gifs or memes — then please take advantage of the many ways to stream anime legally (described elsewhere on this site) or make a rental or purchase.

So, that’s today’s PSA. Thanks for reading, and back to our regularly scheduled nonsense!

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