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If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the contact box below, and we will get back to you on your idea soon. Please see the area below the contact box for submission guidelines.

 Submission Guidelines

Anime Obscura welcomes contributor articles that speak to this website’s niche: anime, manga, and visual novels that fall a bit outside the mainstream or come from the classic past. Within that realm, there are certain topics we are seeking to cover more than others, and some topics we don’t plan to cover at all.

We are especially interested in articles about…

  • Thoughtful character analyses or plot analyses that delves into “why?” more than “what happened?”
  • Classic anime (1975-1995) that have not aired on Cartoon Network or Netflix
  • Small-run manga series (ex. many smaller series from TokyoPop)
  • Anime from now-defunct companies or (lively/entertaining) histories of those companies
  • Product reviews for physical otaku goods (figures, posters, etc.) with pictures provided by you

We are NOT interested in articles about…

  • Hentai anime/manga, nukige visual novels, or physical goods that meet or exceed an 18+ rating
  • Anime that have aired on Cartoon Network or Netflix (We’re “obscura,” remember? However, exceptions will be made for a particularly good character analysis. If you get inside Vash the Stampede’s head and blow our minds with your insights, you have our ear.)


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